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#craftblogclub New Year Crafty Resolution

CBC set its first challenge of the year back in January. With the New Year came the idea of a new craft. We were all set the challenge of trying our hand at a new craft. Now, at first I was reluctant as I had promised myself I would focus purely on sewing this year. As often is the case I’m too busy trying so many different things I am not growing my skills in one particular area. However, I did have a thought that I would try my hand at cross stitch. Strictly speaking this wouldn’t be my first time. I have completed 2 or 3 very basic and small cross stitch projects before. But for this challenge I wanted to set the bar high and decided I would complete a special cross stitch to mark my parents Ruby wedding anniversary.

I found this challenge a challenge before I had even started stitching! The trouble was there were just so many lovely samplers and packs online I couldn’t decide. In the end I opted for a simple yet effective design from eBay. The pack arrived promptly and had everything I needed. I was really surprised that it took me just 4 evenings to complete. It grew quickly which helped with my confidence. I am thrilled with the outcome and hope my parents will be too! 



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