#CraftBlogClub Upcycle Summer Project

We are pleased to welcome back an upcycle challenge to #craftblogclub. This summer why not take part in the challenge and complete an upcycle project of your choice. This could be turning a jumper into a hat, revamping a pair of jeans or turning that sad looking plant pot into fab crafty storage container.

Who better to host this challange than the wonderful Jenniffer Taylor – queen of the #sewingrevolution Jenniffer is launching the challenge at our #craftblogclub chat on Tuesday 7th June from 7pm. This will be your chance to share ideas, thoughts and tips. Jenniffer will then join us again on Tuesday 2nd August as we all reveal our upcycle projects.

As with all #craftblogclub challenge please do tweet about your project using #craftblogclub and then please do write a blog post revealing the final result. We really do love to read all about your challenge experiences.



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