My Craft Space

It wasn’t until our most recent move that I realised how important a craft space was to me. For the first two weeks in our new place I was feeling frustrated and it wasn’t until I sorted all my craft materials that I became settled. Like many of you, I would love a dedicated craft room. This month’s issue of Sew Home & Style has a lovely article on creating your dream craft room and it is my dream one day to have something like this… 13a - Sew Good things come to those who wait. Until then I am more than content with the space I have created. I have divided our lounge into two, with a snug area for the sofa and TV and the other half is my craft space! With the help of my fiancé we built two bookcases to store everything. I also have a beautiful Lloyd Loom ottoman to store larger pieces of materials, wadding etc. Our dining table (now craft table – dinner on our laps is fine!) is positioned next to the double doors letting in lots of natural light. 13. Ottoman I have added a few personal touches with a framed cross stitch by my nan, a beautiful drawing from the lovely @layoutlines and our engagement present from our very dear friend @twoducksdisco. These really do inspire me when I am working.

13. Fox and Bird

I even spent an afternoon going through all my fabric and ironing it all. This means all my fat quarters are now neatly folded and displayed on a shelf. I know I am a saddo but I don’t care, this has made me very happy! I also got A LOT of enjoyment sorting all my buttons into jars. They add so much colour to my book case.

13. Fat Quarters

I love to finally have all my books on display rather than in boxes. I was very excited this week to welcome two new additions to the collection. Both books from the amazing The Great British Sewing Bee series are now brightening up my bookcase. Although I don’t intend for them to stay on the shelf as I am itching to start making my new wardrobe of handmade clothes. 13. Sewing Bee

 13. Books

All my bits and pieces are stored across three lovely sewing boxes. The cream one was a charity shop find and the red with white spots box was a leaving gift from my lovely friends. I also have an overspill of things in two very old tins from both my Nans. 13. Sewing boxes I am really pleased to share my new space with you. Now it’s time to start making :)